Compression socks and boot brush

The Original CleanBoot® has always been your one-stop destination for high-quality safety boot covers. Now it’s time to introduce two equally amazing products to our product line. The Original CleanBoot® Compression Socks and a multi-use Boot Brush.

The Original CleanBoot® Compression Socks

The Original CleanBoot®, Boot Brush

The Original CleanBoot® Compression Socks


  • 1. Wide top band for comfort.
  • 2. Calf support and stabilization.
  • 3. Achilles tendon protection to prevent blistering and   irriation.
  • 4. “Y” heel for contoured perfect fit.
  • 5. Padded footbed provides cushion & shock absorption.
  • 6. Breathable mesh instep to keep your feet cool and dry.

The Original CleanBoot® , Boot Brush


  • 1. Brass/Perlon®bristles scrape dirt off nylon, suede and   nubuck uppers
  • 2. Soft, textured rubber edge cleans light colored areas and   erases scuffs on nubuck leather
  • 3. Rubber tip removes dirt from grooves and crevices
  • 4. Comb teeth clean out caked-on dirt from lug soles
  • 5. To remove dirt and grease marks, use the dry eraser and   then brush with the soft bristle side


“Our Original CleanBoot® boot covers are our flag-ship product. However, we wanted to add a few more equally beneficial and user-friendly products to our existing product line that can facilitate our buyers and help them have an active life. We wanted to introduce products that are needed by frequent travellers, contractors and everyday consumers. The Original CleanBoot® Compression socks and our multi-use Boot Brush are great new products that we feel will assist with overall foot health and shoe/ boot maintenance.”

The Original CleanBoot® Compression Socks - Benefits

  • Boosts blood circulation that enhances the quality of life by keeping you active all day long
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fatigue properties helps in improving efficiency
  • Fast recovery due to better blood circulation
  • Prevents irritation, soreness and swelling
  • The sporty, athletic construction helps you look more stylish and confident

The Original CleanBoot®, Boot Brush – Features

  • Ideal for suede, nylon and nubuck leather
  • The availability of hard and soft bristles encourage gentle or aggressive shoe cleaning
  • 4-way brush to remove stubborn and calcified dirt from grooves and crevices
  • Quick and perfect shoe cleaning
  • Simple to use
  • A must-have travel essential
  • Works well on boots, shoes, and golf shoes
  • Great for personal use and makes a perfect gift
brush benefits

Whether its Compression Socks or a Boot Brush, these items can be used on a daily basis. We hope you’ll give these products a try and provide us with feedback and reviews so we can continue to improve and provide great products. We appreciate all our customers trust and support.

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