Who Uses It

If your job leads you into the homes of your clients, then taking a precautionary step in keeping their expensive floors can be a great step to attain ultimate customer satisfaction. The Original CleanBoot® is a practical yet cost-effective way to show your clients how deeply you care about their valuable property.

Why The Original Cleanboot® Covers?

The Original Cleanboot® covers are crafted from high-quality pure neoprene which is extremely durable, flexible and easy to carry. Not only the fabric is breathable and comfy, but we’ve also opted for a double stitch technique that ensures extra protection and better product life. The patented Grip Sole provides better traction while the convenient elastic opening allows for easy insertion and removal.

Unlike other commercial disposable alternates including paper and plastic shoe covers, a pair of The Original CleanBoot® are reusable and eco-friendly. Just give it a quick wash with your everyday soap and water and it will become as good as brand new. They take up next to no space and you can easily take them along wherever you’re going.

The best bit? By using protective shoe covers while working means you keep all the protection of your work boots and the householder or client keeps all their surfaces clean and tidy.

Who Uses it?

While The Original Cleanboot® covers are perfect for residential contractors and homeowners, anyone looking forward to protecting their own or their client’s flooring can use them without any difficulty. Some of the most common users of safety shoe covers include (but not limited to):

  • Heating and Ventilation Engineers
  • Delivery companies
  • Electricians/plumbers/technicians
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Property agents
  • Furniture/Appliances delivery teams
  • Telecoms and Audio Visual Equipment installers
  • Residential contractors
  • Gardening service providers
  • Homeowners
  • Internet installation companies
  • House/office painting service providers
  • Miners/fishers
  • Fumigation services

Why it’s Important to Wear Safety Shoe Covers before Entering Your Client’s Home?

Safety shoe covers are an economical and eco-friendly responsible way to save your client’s property and expensive flooring from any possible damage. Not only do they put a stop to muddy footprints and marks left from work boots, but they also save workers from possible injury caused by slip, trip and falls. It portrays a professional image of your company in front of your clients which eventually leads to more referrals and also helps you earn a customer for life.

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